9525 State Route 161, Plain City, Ohio 43064

Table Tennis & Ping Pong Center

Mon. to Fri. 10am – 10pm; Sat. 10am – 6pm; Sun. 12pm – 10pm

Junior Program

Spin & Smash offers coaching classes for students under age 18 on Mondays. Private coaching is available upon request.

Class schedule:

  • Table Tennis Fundamentals Clinic for Juniors (under 18) – Mondays
    Meets every Monday night from 7pm – 8pm. We’ll focus on 1-2 fundamentals, apply them in practice, then apply them again in practice matches. Topics include looping, hitting, pushing, flipping, blocking, serving, serve return, footwork, tactics, playing offense and defense, equipment, playing styles and more. Every level player is welcome. $10 per session. Led by Coach Dave Fullen.

Wednesday Advanced Beginners Junior Class (Under Age 18)

Spin & Smash is offering weekly 90-minute workshop classes for kids who are at an ‘Advanced Beginner’ level. Classes will run every Wednesday at 7pm. We encourage any student who wants hands-on guidance and technique advice to attend!
Feel free to drop in or call Dave for availability at 614-937-1626.
    • Class Hours: Class will run on Wednesdays from 7pm – 8:30pm.
    • Classes will cover table tennis fundamentals including:
      • How to make the ball spin
      • Serving & receiving serves
      • Ball placement
      • Stroke technique
    • Led By: Coaches Anwen Harris & Xavier Escobar
    • Pricing: $15 per week per participant, or $125 for all 10 weeks of class.

Note: We will be offering another structured 10-week course on ‘Advanced-Beginner’ fundamentals in the near future. Stay tuned!

Contact us to schedule a class or private coaching. You can also just drop in for class.