Sports Wellness 101


Athletes are constantly looking for an edge.  Some turn to dangerous steroids to give them an advantage, but inevitably learn the long-term effects of such drugs will shorten their careers and endanger their lives.

That does not mean science cannot help.  In fact, there are powerful new all-natural regimens available that can dramatically increase your focus, improve your agility, and boost your stamina.

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In the Westbrooke Corporate Center

Join us for a vital and informative program on how you can improve your physical and mental game.  Studies show that most of us allow our minds to wander about half of the time.  As you know, this lack of focus is extremely detrimental to you game.  Learn what science has to say about mental focus and how to improve yours.  As we age we experience wear and tear on our joints, and that slows us down.  Learn how to protect your knees, elbows, and shoulders from deteriorating and slowing your game.  Find out what is happening to your body when you play that saps your stamina, and makes you tired before the tournament day is over.

Nutrametrix Consultant, Jack Harvey, will explain all of this and much more that can keep you healthy and playing all day long, and all life long.  Don’t miss this free program; it will be well worth your time.

This seminar will be live streamed to the Spin & Smash Table Tennis & Ping Pong Center Facebook page.

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