Drop-In League


2-3 Player Team League Sept 6 – October 25, 2018

Spin & Smash is starting a new 2-3 player team event beginning Thursday, Sept. 6 at 7pm, which will run through Thursday, October 25 and end with a 2-3 Player Team Tournament on Saturday, October 27.

To keep teams balanced, the top two players on any team cannot have a combined rating of more than 3500. Unrated players (who have not played in a USATT-sanctioned tournament) or players who have played in less than 3 sanctioned tournaments will be assigned a rating based on ability.

Weekly prizes are 40% of weekly entry fees and will be awarded to the top three teams (1st-50%, 2nd-35% and 3rd-15%). 10% of entry fees will be added to the prizes for a 2-3 player tournament on Saturday, October 27.

Players can earn up to 3 points each Thursday: 2 points for playing, 1 point for a team match or 3 points for the team with the most wins that night.

The playing format is 2 singles matches, 1 doubles mtch, 2 singles matches: 1) A vs X 2) B vs Y 3)BA vs XY 4) B vs X 5) A vs Y

If three players are playing on a team, each plays two matches. A player cannot play the same player twice.

Teams can register by calling Dave at (614) 937-1626, online at http://www.omnipong.com, or at the club. Try to arrive no later than 6:45 on Thursday nights.

Our regular Friday night $1 tournament is on this week, along with kids classes, drop-in play and private coaching. Call for details.


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